The modern twist on a traditional smoking system to make smoked foods easily

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We’ve completely redesigned a smoke generator from the ground up. The reversed Venturi effect optimises the smoke circulation, which means you use less wood and can smoke longer in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Our second innovation, the smoke purifier, filters out the bigger and more acrid smoke particles, leaving the smaller and tastier particles to bring the smoke flavours to life in all your preparations.

Our custom designed cold smoke generator and smoking box is connected to your smartphone, so you can monitor and control your smoker remotely to prepare every smoked food to perfection.

With our app you can choose from hundreds of recipes from our community and chefs, let it guide you step by step through selecting and preparing the spices and wood chips for your food, and control the smoking process from your living room.

We have also set up a store where you can purchase all the essentials necessary to your smoking needs: wood chips, spices, salt, sugar, and various cooking utensils and cook books. Have everything you need delivered to your door !

Our smoker has been manufactured to the highest standards and its stainless steel body will resist all weather conditions. It’s very easy to operate and clean after smoking your favorite meat, fish, spice, cheese or vegetable.


Master the art of smoking your own food in a modern version of traditional artisanship. Fuelled by wood chunks of various wood types, paired with modern control and connectivity technology, prepare the most delicious smoked foods.


Be it meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, exotic spices or cheese, we want you to be able to do it yourself !

We love smoked food and we’d love to show you how easy it is !


from a family meal to an outing in the forest imagine offering your guests a good smoked meats